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Acoustic panels

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Child safety is a big concern with blinds and when you motorize the blinds you virtually eliminate the cords on most window coverings. Control your interior blinds using a remote control, tablet or smartphone. With us, everything becomes easy!


Roller Blinds in Jaipur by SVEInterior present unique suppleness in window’s decorations. We have a wide range of colors available for roller blinds in Jaipur. We offer the complete range of roller blinds to our customers at best affordable market leading prices and always make available the roller blinds within the given time-frame.


Our Roman Blinds offer effective and stylish window covering and with our range of fabrics and colors available they can be virtually used in any room, in any setting. A welcome break from traditional curtains yet maintaining the same luxurious look, SVEInterior roman blinds offer a more modern look than their counterparts. Take a look at our roman blinds collection now.


Cellular Shades are a stylish way to boost your home's efficiency, keeping you warm in the wintertime and cool in the summer season, and preserving your money on your monthly bills.


SVEInterior Wooden blinds add a timeless style to your windows. Choose from a fine collection of Natural Basswood series to complete & add elegance to your interior. Experience a Wooden blind that reflects your style. Visit our collection now.


SVEInterior is a top-class interior service provider in Jaipur. We offer living room window zebra blinds, rainbow zebra blinds, roller zebra blinds, combi zebra blinds, day-night zebra blinds and double layer zebra blinds in Jaipur.


Triple shade blinds are the best choice for protecting individual secret and controlling the light transmitted. Triple Shades close the gap between Venetian Blinds and Curtains in a truly unique design that features fabric slats suspended between two sheer fabric facings for complete light control and privacy. So if you are looking for the best triple shade blinds providers, then contact SVEInterior.


Panel Blinds are an elegant and versatile shading solution for larger windows or porch doors and may be used as a room divider. The shades include large panels of fabric which stack neatly behind one another when open, allowing maximum light into the room. So please take our panel blinds service at a very affordable price in Jaipur


Exterior blinds are a very famous and common used outdoor shading element. Due to the location of the blinds before the window, you can effectively affect the heat environment in your interior.